Project duration: 12/2011 – 12/2012

Project Coordinator: Center for Economic Development-CED, Sofia

Client: European Commission, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue, DG for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Coordinator of IRMO team:  Višnja Samardžija, PhD

Project partners

    • Institute for International Relations (IMO) Zagreb
    • Centre for Applied Social Sciences, University of Tartu
    • Institute of Public Affairs (ISP), Warsaw
    • Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)
    • Centre for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) Skopje
    • Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria


The project is a 6-countries (3 member states – Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria and 3 candidate counties – Croatia, FYR of Macedonia and Turkey) collective response to the current Industrial Relations situation in Europe. It involves research, intermediation and communication activities which are targeted to analyze the implications of the global economic crisis on the national industrial relations systems (focus will be given to employees unions) and are also aimed to introduce effective key recovery tools. It is of key importance for the project to intervene actively in the national social dialogue mechanisms, to investigate the methods of work and interaction, to present best practices in the field and also to develop policy recommendations in European and comparative terms how those industrial relations systems can be further improved and integrated into the European social dialogue. The impact of the economic crisis as well as the key recovery mechanisms will be investigated in the sectors mostly impacted by the economic crisis at the national and European level.


    • Publication of National Report for Croatia on Industrial Relations after the economic crisis
    • Organization of National Debate with most prominent actors of the social dialogue
    • Study trip to Bruxelles (meetings with the social partners at the EU level)
    • Translation and publication of selected parts of the European Commission 2010 Industrial Relations Report
    • Organization of Press Conference related to project activities
    • Participation at the Project Conference in Sofia
    • Updating of web content

Project News:

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