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Project duration: 05/2011- 07/2012

Client: Blue Plan Regional Activity Center UN

Team leader:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

The main objective of the study is to bring political and economic analysis into Croatian water policy, discuss the potentials of (i) approaches deployed within a “political economy” framework, (ii) cost-effectiveness analysis for actions prioritizing within water policies.
The Croatian study focuses on 4 topics:

    • Broad water quality analysis with a perspective based on political science, economy and critical history
    • Water and sanitation services, analyzing their sustainability
    • Projects evaluation: cost-efficiency analysis
    • Risks analysis: for instance, consider the impacts and costs of potential major industrial accidents leading to significant water pollution, health and/or environmental implications.

The study shall propose a cost-effectiveness analysis of different actions, by defining their financial costs (investment costs, operation and maintenance costs) and also, when possible, their economic, social and environmental externalities.

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