Project duration: 10/2021 – 9/2022

Client: Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

The coordinator of the project: Sanja Tiša, PhD

Analysis of the current state that includes:
• Analysis of the EUSDR Action Plan in the context of compliance with green policies
• Analysis of the activities and objectives of the EUSDR Action Plan in the context of environmental protection
• Review and analysis of possible positive directions in the context of the coherence with and the contribution to meeting the objectives of the European Green Plan, primarily the EU Biodiversity Strategy until 2030
• Review and analysis of the contribution of the AP EUSDR regarding Pillar 2 Environment, primarily PA 06, to horizontal policies (climate change and sustainable development) defined in the EUSDR AP
Development of recommendations for the inclusion of contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, landscape, soil and air quality horizontally through the EUSDR AP, as well as recommendations for the contribution of activities to the elements of the European Green Plan and the EU Biodiversity Strategy until 2030.
Preparation of a study on the current state and additional opportunities for the inclusion of biodiversity through the priority areas of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
The study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the current situation and the need for future activities on nature conservation and biodiversity in the EUSDR.

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